Ups & Downs

Bonjour blogosphere!

It’s been awhile since my last update (4 months to be exact) and I wish I could say it was because I’ve been living this fabulously exciting life…but it’s been quite mundane and quiet. Not that there is anything wrong with a little normalcy in one’s life, but it also doesn’t provide a lot of fun things to blog about either.

Work remains a bright spot for me. I’m a few weeks away from hitting the 6-month mark since I began and I’m still happy as can be. The fact that I’m able to write this update from the comfort of my bed, in my sweats, on the weekend, is pure bliss. I can’t even imagine having to work my old job with it’s chaotic schedule. What makes me happiest though are my awesome co-workers. You’d think hanging out 5-days a week, 8 hours a day would be enough “bonding” time but we still find ourselves hanging out after work and doing lots of weekend brunching. And I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but us 20somethings LOVE brunch. Like… a lot.

Everything is solved by brunch. 20-somethings love brunch. Post-break-up brunch, post-night-out brunch, before-flea-market brunch, before-shopping brunch, happy brunch, birthday brunch, gossip brunch, ‘wanna go to brunch and catch up’ brunch?

And when it comes to brunch, I proudly model myself after the legendary Ron Swanson:

Now if only brunch could solve my crazy mood swings, then all would be well in Brandon world. I don’t know what’s causing my emotions to be so all-over-the-place lately, but I’m a bigger mess than an infomercial gone wrong.

Womp womp. I am the soda fyi

For real though, I’m riding a rollercoaster of emotions lately. Let me illustrate for you (because everything goes better with .gifs) how a day in the life of me goes:

Stage 1: Happy. Usually I start out the day chipper and optimistic. I wake up, try to look at the day as a fresh start, and think “I’m going to rock this day more than Jake Gyllenhaal rocks a sandwich!” (see awesome infographic below)

I agree, Jakey. ‘sammichs are wonderful.

Stage 2: Anger. Usually this happens from road rage during my morning commute. I’ve been trying really hard to subdue this, but….it remains a work in progress. I mean…if slow people would just move out of the left lane, the world would run so much smoother. Amirite? Sometimes though I think my spirit animal really is Serena Williams. Gif #2 is how I look when I drive past you for driving too slow in my lane.

Stage 3: Sadness. Lately, anything and everything makes me a blubbery mess. I think I hit a new low this week when I got “emotional” watching an American Idol contestant with a stutter overcome his disability by singing. Perhaps the bigger low is that I’m still watching American Idol in the first place. The same goes for movies though too. I saw Silver Linings Playbook recently and by the end I was a disaster. Although, that’s partly because Jennifer Lawrence is perfect, and I love her, and she needs to win all the awards.

It really was beautiful, wasn’t it Alex? This is also a pretty accurate depiction of how I looked at the end of that movie.

Realistically though, the sadness probably comes more from the fact that I am 28 and still single. Sure, I’m still “young” and have plenty of time to find someone..but when all your friends around you are in relationships and you’re always the “odd one out” it becomes a little old.

But not to worry, I know I won’t be alone forever. I mean, I always have my friend Vino to spend time with, right?

This leads me to Stage 3.2: Sadness, comforted with food. No more words are needed, Mariah sums it up all in one glorious gif

Need I repeat Ron Swanson’s mantra?

So yeah….to wrap it all up, you never know what kind of Brandon you’re going to get with me lately. Could be happy, could be sad, could be mad. Or maybe you’ll get a mix of all 3 all at the same time!

All drama aside (and really, I’m doing pretty ok, it’s just fun to tell a narrative through gifs) I do have things to remain peppy about. Winter has been relatively mild so far (although as I write this we’re supposed to have an ice storm tonight -_-) and hopefully Spring is right around the corner. I cannot wait to spend more weekends up at our lake cabin and enjoy the sun, water and warmth. I also did something last month that I’ve been putting off forever, but I finally got my passport.

I don’t have any plans (and by plans, I mean have the necessary monetary funds) to go anywhere yet, but the fact that I have it is more than enough reason to be excited. London and Paris are the two places I want to visit most and I’ve set a personal goal to go before I turn 30 in a year and a half. At this point I don’t even care if I have someone to go with, I’m ok with having my own “” moment and going by myself. I need to work on being more independent anyway…that’s something I’ve lost and haven’t really had since I lived in New York several summers ago. Fingers crossed I can make it happen.

So there you have it…that’s all there is really. Congrats if you’ve made it this far. I always feel weird writing about myself..but I do enjoy the .gifs and people (for some reason) seem to enjoy my crazy and random thoughts. Hopefully inspiration strikes a bit sooner for my next update so it’s not another 4 month lapse. We’ll see 🙂