Quiet Tiffany!

Oh London…

All day long I was looking forward to the opening ceremonies. I woke up early to watch the Today show from London, watched coverage all day long and only left for a work event. Then I sped as fast I could to get up to our lake cabin for a weekend vacay and made it in record time (4 hours flat!…going 80+ mph lol). I made it with 6 minutes to spare before the ceremonies began so needless to say I was EXCITED..and not just normal excited, we’re talking Oprah’s Favorite Things audience member excited.

I was here for all of it – the Olympic music, the opening montages, the countdown…And then the ceremonies began. I should have known from the beginning that the lackluster start would be a precursor of things to come. That’s not to say there weren’t some beautiful moments, but I had gone from a kid at a candy shop birthday party like this:

To this:

Oh Lizzy, I felt your pain too. Again, I need to reiterate that it wasn’t all bad. I liked the early part of the show during the “Industrial Revolution” phase, especially when they had the ring of fire that formed into the Olympic rings…that was beautiful

I even liked the cool yet creepy literature part of the show where all the famous characters from British Lit came to life and filled the arena. The flying Mary Poppins were also pretty neat. But then that too got a little weird..

I mean..It looks like Voldemort wanted to Avada Kedavra all the little Mary’s. (If there aren’t any Harry Potter readers in here SHAME ON YOU, but that’s the killing curse). I loved that JK Rowling made an appearance too. She looked and sounded awesome and I want her to read me a bedtime story to be honest.

I think my favorite part was that the Queen herself teamed up with Daniel Craig (the best Bond fyi, deal with it) for a little cameo. Plus, WHO DOESN’T LOVE CORGIS



The only thing that could have made this part better was if the queen herself actually did skydive out of the helicopter into the stadium. BUT as you saw above, it seems that she was NOT HERE FOR ANY OF THIS. Let’s revisit her happy face one more time:

Simply splendid!

But then it just got strange. I’m not quite sure why Danny Boyle thought the whole teenage love story segment featuring awkward dancing and even more awkward on-screen texting was appropriate for an Olympic opening ceremony but I just didn’t get it. The music they chose was awesome but overall I just side-eyed the whole thing

Equally silly was the dedication to Mr. Bean. Is that really the best figure/celebrity you want to show the entire world with 1 billion people watching? The Chariots of Fire montage was kinda cool I guess but overall I was left scratching my head again and wondering what was going on.

Finally we came to the Parade of Nations which some people find boring but I actually enjoy it. I love seeing all the different countries, their flag bearers and the costumes/outfits they chose to wear. Granted, some of them were a bit odd i.e. Germany who perhaps thought they were coming to the Winter Olympics with their Hello Kitty color inspired getups?

I could have also done without Bob Costas and his endless jabbering. I get that he is the Olympic commentator but he annoyed me last night and there were way too many commercial breaks. I of course was happy to see USA’s entrance and I equally enjoyed seeing the independent athletes march in under a united Olympic flag.

That leaves the last 2 parts of the show – the torch lighting and the fireworks. I think my tepid response to the opening ceremonies is hampered by a disappointing end. Of all the cool things London could have done, they had one of the most underwhelming torch lightings I can think of. What is the point of lighting a torch that only rises a few feet and sits on the floor of the arena? The whole point is that it should rise above the stadium as a beacon for all the city to see. (Wow, I’m heading into nerd mode at this point). If you want to see cool torch lightings, see Barcelona.

At least the fireworks were cool and I think I’ll leave it at that. While I didn’t love the opening ceremonies, I’m more excited for all the great athleticism to come. And it starts right away today! Swimming, gymnastics and many other events will set up for a great opening weekend.

I plan on laying cool the next few days as I’m going to enjoy my vacay up at the lake. Have a great weekend everyone and go USA 🙂



THEY’RE HERE, THEY’RE HERE. The London Olympics are finally here! I feel like Paul Revere right now, I could shout the news from the top of my lungs! (Ok, perhaps he’s not the best example considering the USA and England weren’t exactly bffs at the time…BUT WHATEVS, we love each other now) I’m JUST SO EXCITED

In preparation for this monumental day, I have already pre-DVRd any and all Olympic related coverage for the next week on my TV. I will also be waking up at dawn so I can watch the Today show LIVE from London. The fact that Meredith Vieira is coming back to co-host the games is just the greatest (douchebro Matt Lauer can suck it though, I’m not here for that. I’m also not sure who the bigger diva will be, him or Ryan Seacrest, who sadly will also be a part of NBC’s coverage this year)

Tonight’s opening ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the entire games and I’m hoping London can put on a great show. As much as I hate to admit it, it will be hard to top Beijing. If you read my previous blog post, you know how I feel about China and their cheating ways… But I digress, they really did put on a beautiful show and I hope London can make it their own. My only hope is they don’t have the kind of epic failure that Vancouver had in 2010. Remember that awkward moment when Wayne Gretzky tried to light the torch and nothing happened? Because I do, and I was so …. “disappoint”

My other favorite thing about the games starting today is the Olympics always bring everyone together. For 2 short weeks we are all united in our support of our awesome (and clearly superior) athletes. And to be honest, as much as I LOVE America (and you know I do) the Olympics are truly about the human spirit and all the inspiring and uplifting stories that come with it. Take for example the story of Guor Marial, a former Sudanese refugee who doesn’t have a country to call home. He petitioned the IOC to compete in the games and will march under the Olympic flag. That’s what it’s all about. So whomever you are cheering for, put on your warpaint and cheer on your country.

So there we have it. After the long wait, the Olympics are finally here! I’m so excited for all of it…They gymnastics, the swimming, the diving, the track and field events…even the fencing! (Alright, I don’t really care about the the soccer, sorry Jeff, but I’ll still obviously cheer for USA). BRING ON THE GAMES, MY BODY IS READY


p.s 2, this just happened 🙂

Oh my gosh

One of the reasons why I started this blog was because several people suggested I blog for my insane and (borderline crazy obsessed) love for the Olympics. While I will attempt to portray my excitement for the games through words, sometimes pictures (or in this case, gifs) do a much better job. Let me present for you gif #1. It doesn’t matter if I hear someone talking about the Olympics or I see a commercial for them, whenever I sense something Olympic related I tend to look something like this:

I’m not quite sure where my love for the Olympics started, but my earliest memories take me back to 1992 when I was a wee lad. I was 8 years old and I can distinctly remember watching the Albertville Winter Olympics with my mom. (fyi, I can name every Olympic host city from modern times. If Jeopardy had a category I would run the board, get a pat on the back from the pompous Alex Trebek and get a standing ovation from the audience. Someday…) It was late at night and my mom let me stay up with her to watch the figure skating competition. I was decked out in a blue bathrobe, matching slippers and team USA pajama pants (my fandom started early, ok?) and I pretended to skate around my family room doing my very best attempts at double axels and triple salchows. Looking back, my parents should have enrolled me in skating lessons or some other Olympic-worthy sport. Thanks for setting me up for a life full of failure and broken dreams mom and dad!

I think the other reason why I love the Olympics so much is that I become an insane and crazy patriot. I LOVE AMERICA and I cry and weep tears of freedom. During the games I become “that guy” – the egocentric, ethnocentric d-bag who will attack anyone and everyone who dare tries to take away an American’s chance of winning gold. I can clearly remember in ’08 during the men’s 4×100 swim relay when some idiot from France (Alain Bernard to be exact) told the American’s before the race that they would “smash” the US. HA! You stupid imbecile, don’t dare try to taunt America because we will CRUSH you. Let me sip my sweet tea and eat my freedom fries and revel in this moment once again…

Then of course there are the dubious cheaters and I am not here for that. I’m just going to tell you all now, China better watch their back this year. Some of us have not forgotten the gymnastics scandal of 2008. I’m watching you China

So here we are, a mere 13 days away from the games! The only thing that would make me more excited was if I could be there to witness the games myself. I don’t even want to talk about how crushed I was when Chicago lost out to Rio for the 2016 games…but SOMEDAY I will make it to an actual Olympics – it is my biggest and most wonderful dream. But for now I will pour myself into the endless TV coverage, download every app available and ignore the rest of the world for the next several weeks. This really should be a national holiday.

Last but not least, if you still don’t understand my passion for the Olympics, do yourself a favor and watch the best 2 minutes of your life. I AM THIS WOMAN (except in male form obviously…and substitute sponge painting for the Olympics) Oh my gosh…